• We pride ourselves on the depth of knowledge and range of services we provide for our valued clients.
  • We examine the commercial rationale behind any transaction before advising and then augment the process with the necessary skills and structures to suit.
  • We ensure our clients understand, believe in and pursue the focus of their ambitions: “the entry, the journey and the exit…”

We offer a comprehensive range of legal & commercial services including:

Specialty international trade and investment partner sourcing/matching is also a significant area of our practice which encompasses assistance to clients in sourcing online and offline, suitable products and/or partners for their intended commercial activities.

If fees applicable are non-legal export marketing services then they may be eligible under Austrade’s Export Market Development Grant Scheme (EMDGS).

Contact us to assess whether you are eligible.

“Lawyers are operators of the toll bridge across which anyone in search of justice has to pass.”
Jane Bryant Quinn

“The leading rule for the lawyer, as for the man of every other calling, is diligence. Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.”
Abraham Lincoln

“Anybody who thinks talk is cheap should get some legal advice.”
Franklin P. Jones

“Whoever tells the best story wins.”
John Quincy Adams