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We’re dedicated to give the best-suited advice to our clients when it comes to civil litigation and disputes. Often times it is better to work things out amicably and stay away from lawyers and courts- That’s free advice because I’ll share with you now – it’s time consuming, stressful, distracting and expensive.

Unfortunately however, life is not that simple and conflicts invariably occur all day, everyday- we can help with dispute resolution without financial gouging or fuss.

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What does the term “best-suited advice” refer to? Resorting to court is not always the most effective and commercially viable option to settle a dispute. Mediation, negotiation and arbitration often prove to be far better and cheaper alternative forms of dispute resolution. But if things demand the route to court, we protect our clients’ interests regardless. 

Civil Litigation & Commercial Dispute Resolution

IMPEX Lawyers & Advisers have significant experience in handling complicated Civil and Commercial litigation cases from lower Magistrates to County up to Supreme Court matters.

Our Civil and Commercial Litigation Lawyers focus on managing risks and furthering our client’s strategic business objectives.

We Understand

We understand that business means risk for reward and that can result in uncertainty, misunderstanding and conflict.

We Solve

We solve litigation & dispute problems in the most specialised, advantageous, efficient and cost-effective manner.

We encourage

We encourage clients to reach their commercial ambitions and where required: prosecute and defend along the way.

We Accept Client Enagements for

In instances of Civil Litigation or Dispute Resolution we assist our client’s by

Barrister retention

We have trusted relationships with leading specialist Barristers and their respective Clerks.

We retain and instruct these specialist experts on behalf of our clients where often superior skills are required. 

Read this excellent Australian Financial Review article to understand how IMPEX can save you up to 50% off your fees compared to engaging larger firms who operate on traditional pyramid models.

Please click here for more information of ‘Why use a Barrister’ and click here to access the Victorian Bar Barrister Directory.


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