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IMPEX Lawyers & Advisers focuses on managing corporate risks and furthering our client’s strategic business objectives.


We understand that business means risk for reward and that can result in uncertainty, misunderstanding and conflict.


We work on solving litigation & dispute problems in the most advantageous and efficient manner.


We advise our clients to reach for their commercial ambitions and where necessary prosecute and defend their rights, responsibilities and entitlements.


We accept client engagements for:

●    any interactions between the disputing parties prior to proceedings being commenced

●    the initiation and defence of proceedings in courts and tribunals

●    pre-trial procedures such as interlocutory applications

●    court and tribunal appearances

●    alternative avenues of dispute resolution such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration, and

●    post-trial procedures such as costs recovery and the enforcement of judgments.


In instances of Civil Litigation or Dispute Resolution we assist our client’s by:

●   assessing the merits of their case and identifying alternative dispute resolutions

●   advising on the processes, procedures and costs of litigation and dispute resolution

●   initiating, undertaking and responding to claims

●   gathering and presenting evidence

●   negotiating settlements, and

●   taking action to enforce orders and settlement agreements.


Our firm acts for clients in all major Victorian and Federal courts:


Barrister retention

We have strong relationships with leading specialist Barristers and their respective Clerks. We retain and instruct these advocacy experts on behalf of our clients where specialist skills are required.

Please click here for more information of Why use a Barrister and click here to access the Victorian Bar Barrister Directory.