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IMPEX Lawyers & Advisers understand that legal solutions must be focused on the business needs and wants of our clients.


We guide entrepreneurs and SME clients through transactions with tailored services that look towards their big picture while driving their bottom line.


We advise in the key areas of a SME journey from entity formation and structuring to then commencing, negotiating and protecting relationships and finally manage, administer and prosecute where necessary the best interests of our clients.


We dedicate our networks resources to assist clients with all of the legal and commercial aspects of their on-going local and global business lifecycles.


We focus on directly communicating with our clients either in person or through the use of savvy technology to manage their matters to successful completion thereby reducing risks and saving time and money in the process.


We pride ourselves on the depth of knowledge, access to specialist resources and range of services we provide our entrepreneurs and SME clients both in Australia and Internationally.


We examine the commercial rationale behind any situation before advising and crafting a solution with the necessary skills and strategies to suit.


We believe that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and work collaboratively as early as possible with clients so they understand, believe in and realise their commercial dreams.


We offer solutions for:


– Bankruptcy & Insolvency – Personal and Corporate

– Commercial Contracts

– Company – Formation, Mergers/Acquisitions

– Intellectual Property (incl. Australian & International Trademark registration & protection)

– Internet, Ecommerce, Information & Emerging Technologies

– Buying & Selling Businesses

– Franchises & Licenses

– Partnerships, Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

– Bank & Finance – Traditional & Peer2Peer Borrowing, Financing & Mortgages

– Employment & Contractor arrangements

– Residential & Commercial Property

– Start-Ups & Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

– Due Diligence

– Debt/Equity, Public IPO’s & Back door listings*


*When clients require financial advice and services that fall within the Corporations Act 2001 regulations, we work with Australian Financial Securities Licensed (AFSL) professional firms for Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)National Stock Exchange (NSX) front door IPO’s and back door RTO’s, private equity capital raisings and general corporate finance advisory services.