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Whether you’re a tourist, student, working professional, businessman, investor or company director looking to migrate to Australia temporarily or permanently: completing the complex legal formalities around securing a visa in Melbourne can become a long, expensive, complex and never guaranteed process.

Our migration lawyers  provide cost-effective assistance with the complicated procedure. We have developed Australia’s first Visa Law Bot called VANGEL- your Visa Angel!

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IMPEX Lawyers & Advisers understand how difficult and frustrating the process of obtaining lawful visa status in Australia can be for students, job-seekers, families and businesses.

Our Visa lawyers are qualified to handle the complicated and paperwork-intensive aspects of Australian Migration Law administered by the Department of Home Affairs

Our Visa lawyers are qualified to handle the complicated and paperwork-intensive aspects of Australian Migration Law administered by the Department of Home Affairs. Our Immigration lawyers are registered and always strive to maintain the integrity of The Code of Conduct which is set out in legislation to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents.

Under the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents, the amount an agent charges (fees) must be fair and reasonable which are typically based on the clients particular circumstances.

Agent fees vary and depends on

Please visit the MARA website to know more about the Code of Conduct.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Approximately it takes 20 days for the visitor visa to be processed from the date that it is applied for. To complete your additional application, additional documentation is required which could significantly delay the process.

For 309 – Provisional visa it takes 11 months (If 75 percent of application is processed) and 15 months (If 90 percent of application is processed)

For 100 – Permanent visa it takes 20 months (If 75 percent of application is processed ) and 23 months (If 90 percent of application is processed)

A Bridging Visa A (BVA) allows you to stay in Australia after your current substantive visa has expired and while your substantive visa application is being processed. It can be granted if you apply in Australia for a substantive visa while you are still using a current substantive visa.

Documents to prove your identity i.e Birth Certificate, Current Passport Photo, Personal Details. Document about your relationship with your partner i.e Marriage Certificate

Health Documents showing that you meet health parameters. Character Documents such as Police certificates. 

Administrative processing is required for some visa applications, which takes additional time after the visa applicant’s interview by a Consular Officer. Applicants are advised of this requirement when they apply. Most administrative processing is resolved within 60 days of the visa interview.

People caught overstaying can face detention, deportation and bans from re-entering Australia for a minimum period of three years.

Yes, you can check your visa status on the Australian Government’s VEVO(Visa Entitlement Verification Online) website. Just enter your date of birth, country of the passport, Immi card/passport number in the required fields.

The VEVO copy can then be emailed, saved, or printed.

Possible reasons for visa rejection in Australia are Applying for the wrong type of visa, Haven’t met the conditions of a previous visa, Lack of application information or inconsistency, Fail to meet Australia’s health requirements, Fail to meet Australia’s character requirements, Lack of funds.


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