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IMPEX Lawyers & Advisers understand how difficult and frustrating the process of obtaining lawful visa status in Australia can be for students, job-seekers, families and businesses.


We are qualified to handle the complicated and paperwork-intensive aspects of Australian Migration Law administered by the Department of Home Affairs.   If you are a foreigner and looking to temporarily or permanently live, work, study and/or invest in Australia then please contact us for a free questionnaire assessment.


Our registered immigration lawyers always strive to maintain the integrity of The Code of Conduct which is set out in legislation to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents.


Under the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents, the amount an agent charges (fees) must be fair and reasonable which are typically based on the clients particular circumstances.


Agent fees vary and depend on:


Ø  Visa application type.

Ø  Amount of time it will take to prepare your application.

Ø  The level of service needed.

Ø  If you need extra help or have complex circumstances.

Ø  The experience and qualifications of our registered migration agents are of the highest calibre since they are astutely trained lawyers with significant levels of tertiary studies combined with years of experience unlike standard migration agents. Because of this higher quality of service, our fees are usually at the higher end of the range to reflect these skillful diligent standards. Please visit MARA to understand the typical range of fees charged for various visa categories.


Please visit the MARA website to know more about the Code of Conduct



Click HERE if you are an overseas resident looking to explore Australia as a destination and to look at the country profiles which bring together a whole of country perspective on Australia’s permanent and temporary migrant inflows and outflows and provide relevant information, including key statistical data, on the different types of visa categories.


The country profiles also include key findings relating to emigration from Australia as well as migrants’ occupation and demographic characteristics. Collectively, the country profiles provide information for 14 migrant source countries.