We understand how difficult and frustrating the process of obtaining visa status in Australia can be for students, job-seekers, families and businesses.

We are qualified to handle the complicated and paperwork-intensive aspects of Australian Migration Law administered by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection so you do not have to experience that same frustration.

If you are a foreigner and looking to temporarily or permanently live, work, study and/or invest in Australia then please contact us for a free preliminary assessment.


Contrary to our country’s relative youth and small population, Australia is fast becoming a premium exporter of goods and services on the world stage- we punch well above our proverbial weight.

Never has there been a better time than to source, engage and partner with Australian producers, suppliers and professionals on the international stage.


Australia is increasingly selling land and commercial assets as it expands and globalises.

These international transactions by private and government sectors have been popular with our adjacent capital rich Asian neighbours for sources of debt/equity funding.

As with any international venture, prospective foreign investors coming to Australia need to be mindful of the laws, regulations, restrictions (local, state & federal), cultures and western etiquette of how to do business.

Click here for the latest Significant & Premium Investment Visa criteria administered by the Australian Government.

Engaging the right local professionals is the critical difference between commercial success and failure.


The number of actively trading businesses in Australia has increased for the second year in a row to just over 2 million (ABS 2016). The State of Victoria had the largest number of new businesses with companies and trusts continuing to be highly represented in Australian business structures, making up over 60 per cent of all businesses.


Australia is the world’s largest island and is the sixth largest country after Russia, Canada, China, the USA, and Brazil (Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics 2016). Measured by people per square kilometre of arable land, Australia has 68 times more than Japan, 25 times more than the United Kingdom, 22 times more than China and four times more than the United States.

In fact, Australia has more arable land than Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea combined.

With more than 80% of Australia’s population living close to its coast line it is easy to understand why foreign investment pouring into our residential & commercial property market continues to increase unabated.


Australia known as the ‘lucky country’ is also blessed for having one of its biggest cities- Melbourne, being voted the ‘World’s most liveable city’ for the last 6 years in a row by the Economics Intelligence Unit.

While much of the world endured the ramifications of the Global Financial Crisis, Australia has successfully navigated its way around such negative impact on its society and lifestyle making it one of the preferred destinations of choice to live, do business and educate and raise a family.