Our long-standing accreditation by the Law Institute of Victoria- Lawyer Referral Service allows us to provide a first interview free of charge to determine the nature of your legal issue, discuss available options and request an estimate of costs for engagement.

Our Services

Business Law

Our clients trust us for advice on starting, running, buying & selling their business activities.
We understand the needs and provide legal solutions required to manage a local and global enterprise.

Disputes & Litigation

We understand that business involves a risk and reward matrix: and that can result in uncertainty and conflicts. Our litigation lawyers help resolve disputes in the most advantageous and cost-effective manner.

Debt Recovery

To protect your cash flow, we ensure that your business can collect bad debt at the earliest, in the most cost effective manner. Get in touch with an experienced debt collection lawyer today.

Property law

We assist our clients with residential, industrial, commercial property transactions through use of savvy technology and electronic conveyancing through PEXA compliance in the State of Victoria.

Trade & Investment

We help our clients participate in cross border global business whilst being mindful of legal international trade and investment prerequisites in local and foreign markets. We know and understand this skill in great depth.

Banking & Finance

Our firm has cultivated long standing relationships over years with some of Australia’s leading banking & finance licensed professionals. We aim towards swift facilities from public, private and institutional lenders for our clients.

Solicitor's Certificate

Following banks and traditional lenders, most private lending organisations too, require a solicitor's certificate for approving a loan application. Our lawyers ensure that all parties involved in the loan transaction conduct legally secure business.

Immigration Law

Our registered immigration lawyers are qualified to handle the complex and intensive aspects of Australian Migration Law administered by the Department of Home Affairs. Contact an expert immigration lawyer in Melbourne today.

Welcome to IMPEX Lawyers and Advisers

IMPEX Lawyers & Advisers understand that legal solutions must be focused on the needs and desires of our clients. We guide individuals and businesses through tailored legal services as their trusted fiduciary representatives.

We advise in the key areas of a commercial journey from entity formation and structuring to establishing, negotiating and protecting old and new relationships. We manage, administer and prosecute the best interests of our valued clients wherever necessary.

We dedicate our network resources to assist clients with all the legal aspects required for their ongoing local and global business life-cycles.

We focus on communicating with our clients either in person or using savvy technologies to manage their matters from instruction to successful completion thereby reducing risks and saving time and money – these traits are reflected in our affordable fees.

Rapidly evolving use of technology is an integral part of our firms’ personality in practice and we are at the forefront of this new world “Newlaw-Lawtech” disruption- that’s how we keep our fees low and client satisfaction at the top of the peak.

Accredited Lawyers Top 200
Impex Lawyers Business Awards

IMPEX Lawyers & Advisers

About Our Law Firm in Melbourne

We pride ourselves on the depth of knowledge, access to specialist resources and range of services we provide to our individual Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) clients located in Australia as well as Internationally.

We examine the commercial rationale behind any situation before advising and crafting a solution with the necessary internal and external skills and strategies to suit all budgets.

We believe that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and prefer to work collaboratively as early as possible with clients so they understand, believe in and realise their true commercial destiny.

We are recognised by our peers as award winning legal professionals and tangential thinkers who appreciate that ‘one size does not fit all’. We design and execute strategies to support our clients’ needs and wants, rather than what everyone else wants them to believe. So, whether it is a simple contract, buying or selling property or a business, a complex cross- border business transaction, a challenging civil litigation or just a burning desire to take your business to the next level- we provide practical, cost-effective and solution-oriented support for all your commercial objectives.

What makes us different?

We are Melbourne Australia based and service local and international clients.

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IMPEX can provide multilingual including Chinese Mandarin assistance and advice regarding matters of foreign investment in Australia.

Affordable Fees

We focus on communicating with our clients thereby reducing risks and saving time and money which is reflected in our affordable fees.


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