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Import Export cross border transactions and investments require deep knowledge, understanding and expertise in dealing with the multitude of parties, stages and stakeholders in an end to end supply chain often underpinned by differing cross cultural and business considerations.

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IMPEX Lawyers & Advisers is the exclusive law firm in Australia for International Trade selected by Global Law Experts.

Global Law Experts is one of the most visited and established online referral services for over 2000 specialist lawyers around the world. 

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We help clients participate in global business whilst being mindful of international trade and investment law issues.

We aim to help producers of goods and services, exporters and importers, conduct their business using online and offline methods.

We trust the relationships we have with international professionals and networks developed over the last 25 years.

Our International Trade and Investment Lawyer will help you with⁠—

International Trade & Investment Facilitation

International trade and investment partner matching is a significant practice area. We assist clients to buy and sell online through B2B e-markets and exchanges (eg. Alibaba) or offline through traditional import/export negotiations and channels.

Conceptually like a dating service for business purposes, we screen our clients, understand their corporate profile, identify their strengths and shortfalls all the while focusing on the characteristics of their ideal long term partner.

Once understood, we use a top down funnel approach to narrow down a select few candidates that fit our clients desired business criteria using O2O techniques wherever possible. Once the best candidates are found we bring the parties together and assist with the formalities of contracting and maximising the arrangements- networking networks in local and global markets.

Everything you need to compete in overseas markets- Act local Go Global

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