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IMPEX Lawyers & Advisers manage entrepreneurs and SMEs to succeed in local and global markets.


We help clients participate in global business whilst being mindful of international trade and investment law issues.


Our goal is to help producers of goods and services, exporters and importers, investors and investees, conduct their business using the most effective online and traditional (offline) methods available.


We achieve our goal through the experience and expertise of our local and global networks.


We guide clients at various stages of their international business cycle including:


●   Drafting & negotiating International commercial contracts

●   Customs law relating to the import and export of goods

●   Dealings with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

●   International disputes, arbitration, mediation & settlement

●   Trade Finance: click our latest  CBA- What is Trade Finance?

●   Import/Export due diligence, facilitation & negotiation- including online B2B marketplace/exchanges

●   Joint Ventures, business partner profiling, matching and structuring

●   Cross border debt/equity transactions

●   World Trade Organisation (WTO), Multilateral and Bilateral Free Trade Agreements

●   Liaison with Australian (AUSTRADE) and foreign government trade & investment departments

●   State & Federal Government assistance schemes for Australian manufacturers and exporters including Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) and export finance/insurance (EFIC).