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Banking & Finance – Managed Fund

Retained by Australian private company as General Counsel looking to establish a residential & commercial mortgage fund in Australia through debt/equity from local and overseas sources;

Banking & Finance – Solicitor’s Certificate

We reviewed relevant guarantor and loan documentation provided by an Australian bank, conducted an interview with the client and prepared a letter of advice in relation to the obligations of the guarantor.

Banking & Finance – Advice

We assisted our client with refinancing a property for additional loans and provided independent legal advice in relation to obligations and implications associated with a guarantor or borrower. We also assisted our client in obtaining a Solicitor’s Certificate.

Banking & Finance

An individual, claiming to be a private forex provider engaged our client with a financial investment proposal. This resulted in the transfer of money into our client’s Australian Bank account. However, this sum of money was subsequently withdrawn by the bank on the basis that they were investigating into the source of the funds. We assisted our client with the recovery of funds from the Australian Bank and other relevant parties.

Banking & Finance – Bankruptcy

We advised our client on the implications of making a voluntary bankruptcy application, including the impact on a prenuptial agreement that was made between our client and their former partner.

Consumer Loans – Loan Refinance and Advice on Loan Default

We assisted our client in dealing with an unregulated private loan. We advised on the availability of remedies through AFCA, and the possible steps our client could take in rectifying their situation.

Banking & Finance – Conciliation

Our clients were fraudulently induced into making an investment and other financial arrangements not in their best interests where they suffered significant financial losses. We assisted our clients with a conciliation conference with the other party through the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) to settle the financial dispute.