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International Trade

International Trade – Food

Our client is a leading food services business seeking to expand internationally through the creation of new brand development. Our firm developed, managed and executed the overall export strategy and supporting legal advice both in Australia and throughout Asia including corporate structuring, trademark analysis and registration, buyer negotiation, supply chain management and supporting drafting and negotiation of contracts.

International Commercial – Fintech

Acted for an Australian client to negotiate with a USA based company offering digital back-office for online investing and lending applications which are accessible through an open API and aims to be the de facto virtual back office to the online investing and lending market.

Or –

Acted for an Australian client who aims to be the de facto virtual back office to the online investing and lending market. We assisted them in negotiating with a USA-based company offering digital back-office for online investing and lending applications which are accessible through an open API.

International In-house Counsel – Medical

Retained by a Medical cannabis client in Joint Venture with the Vanuatu Government for corporate strategy and business development with identification and managing 3rd party expertise for business planning, financial modelling, strategy and general Legal In-House Counsel services.

International Trade – Cosmetics

Retained by Australian private company to draft and negotiate the export agency of a leading Australian skin care brand for sale in HK & China;

International Commercial Contracts – Digital Marketing

Drafted and negotiated shareholders and supporting agreements between an Australian private company and a HK company whose business operates in China in the digital marketing space.

International Trade – Breach of Contract

Our client entered into a Contract of Sale with Company A for the delivery of goods and our client subsequently engaged a transport company to ship the goods to the designated address. An error made by the transport company resulted in a breach of contract between our client and Company A. This resulted in Company A purporting to terminate the Contract and demand a full refund. We assisted our client with liaising and responding to Company A’s letter of demand and recovering any potential damages from the shipping company.

International Trade – Partnership Agreement

We assisted our client with preparing and executing an International Partnership Agreement.

International Trade – Debt Recovery

We assisted our client, who is a foreign resident, in refunding goods shipped that did not match the specifications advertised. With the understanding that our client is a foreign resident, we provided advice in potential causes of actions available to recover costs and potential loss of earnings and explored the best avenues in recovering monies owed.

International Trade – Export Advice

Our client was asked to compensate money for causing delays to a shipping line’s schedule. The delay was a result of an unexpected fire that was believed to have been caused by batteries contained in toys that our client was shipping.

We advised our client’s on their rights, obligations and liabilities in relation to the incident. We also assisted in developing and implementing a preventative streamlined procedure for them, emphasising due diligence and compliance throughout the supply chain.

International Trade – Application for APEC Business Travel Card

We advised our client on the criteria in an application for an APEC Business Travel Card, including the relevant documentation and required supporting evidence. We also assisted in lodging the application on our client’s behalf.

International Trade – Compliance

Our client (company) entered into a contract with a Foreign Company A to supply equipment for a project in a foreign country. This project required a bank guarantee. Our client also entered into a contract with Foreign Company B to manufacture the said equipment. Foreign Company B provided our client with a bank guarantee that was not drafted in accordance with the relevant commercial requirements in Australia.

We assisted our client in ensuring both bank guarantees complied with the commercial law requirements in Australia and provided ongoing legal advice for the relevant transactions.

International Trade – Service level agreement with Chinese Suppliers

Our client entered into some outsourcing agreements with suppliers from China, whereby the suppliers would be responsible for the manufacture and wholesale of products. We assisted our clients in drafting a comprehensive service level agreement with current and future suppliers to govern issues including quality of goods, dispute resolution, refund/return and replacement policy, minimum order quantity, credits, payment terms and turnaround times, including the engagement and instruction of a Chinese mainland law firm.

International Trade – Compliance with Australian Border Force

Retained to provide legal advice to client on a request by the Australian Border Force to produce commercial documents. We corresponded with the officer in charge, reviewed client documents and advised on client’s legal rights, obligations and duties under the Customs Act 1901.