Property Law

Property – Lease

Our client sought to enter into a Lease Agreement with a Company. We advised our client on the Lease Agreement’s terms and conditions and negotiated with the other party should there be any necessary amendments to be made to the Lease Agreement in the best interests of our client.

Property – Joint Ventures

Retained by Melbourne property developer to identify and negotiate with prospective local and overseas Joint Venture partners with a current and future project pipeline forecast to deliver an end value in excess of $2 billion Australian dollars.

Property – Breach of Contract

Our client entered into a Contract of Sale for the purchase of property. Our client subsequently discovered that material alterations to the floor plan have been undertaken without notice or consent. The measurement for the indoor areas of the property were also misrepresented on the floor plan that was provided when our client signed the Contract of Sale. We assist our client with the potential breach of Contract by requesting justifications from the Vendor and subject to identifying a breach, draft and issue a rescission notice on the Vendor, recovering any potential loss and damages.

Property – Breach of Contract

We assisted our client in pursuing overdue rent and legally terminating a default contract. We then advised our clients on a new lease agreement.

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